Sunday, August 22, 2010

"I Still Want a Kat"

The problem as always is that I may be too nuts to take on that kind of responsibility. That is looking after something that's alive.

Like Thurber maybe I just like the 'idea' of cats. Ya know, I'm glad their in the universe'n all. They're all cute, and fuzzy. Look good on calendars, and screen savers.

However trips to the vet, expensive cat junk, and the knowledge that it's going to drop dead on me eventually sort of pisses on my cat parade.

I'm too selfish to have a cat.

...or a baby.

Heck I don't even remember to feed my virtual fish. In fact the little maniacs got so hungry I think they turned cannibal on one of my blogs. There's definitely fewer cyber fish on my Queer blog than there used to be.

I got a robot mouse,...but never remember to put in new batteries. So it just sits there month after month staring at me accusingly.

Am I going to hell for this?

Well this, and that ham sandwich I ate on a Friday when I was 12. Eh, it's one'a them weird Catholic things. 'Couldn't begin to explain.

Stay Tuned.