Sunday, August 22, 2010

"Tuff Dame"

This gal reminds me of my fifth grade teach. "Sister Mary I Beat, and Abused Small Children for Forty Years, and Got Away With It". We called her "Benito" as for the famous Italian comedian for short.

How well I remember being smashed against the blackboard with that gal's hate twisted face two inches from mine. It was hate at first glance. That is she hated me, and apparently the rest of the biosphere.

I often wonder why the church turned these disturbed gals loose on little kids for over a hundred years. We didn't even get any blow jobs out'a the deal. We got fucked sure, but not in a nice way.

To add insult to injury the Church only pays off on sex abuse.

Some mad woman in a black Habit kicks ya ass, but without a sex angle. Well it's tough shit sonny. Unless the old gal gave ya a hand job while slugging the hell out'a ya it's no dice.

I clearly went to the wrong school.

Why couldn't my folks dump me in one of them katlick boy's gulags where the priests was sucking off everybody sight.

Don't get me wrong.

I'm talking consensual abuse here. You know where it's your happy secret, not your life destroying nightmare. It really helps if you were a 12 year old Queer, and 'wanted' blow jobs like I did.

Straight kids though, yeah I can see how that could wreck them for good. 'Just want's you to know I'm more than aware this was seriously foul shit for them, and they deserve every penny,..most of them.

However I definitely didn't want my head bashed against blackboards for six years by assorted serial abuser child killers called nuns.

I saw the evil Queen up there, and my religious training came to mind. All I ever wanted to do was to ask one of them old bats,...why?

Why did you need to beat, and humiliate small children year, after year, and apparently without remorse.

I'm just asking is all.

Stay Tuned.